About the Studio

Rocking Horse Studio is an award-winning audio recording facility nestled into the hills of central New Hampshire's Suncook River Valley. It is the home of producers/engineers/musicians Brian Coombes, Joey Pierog, and Josh Kimball.

Since our grand opening in 2008, Rocking Horse has become the recording destination for acts from all over the world, with artists travelling from Europe and various parts of the United States to enjoy the studio's relaxing and creative atmosphere. We have worked with major label, regional, and local recording acts, and we have built a close-knit community of musicians who all work together on each other's recordings. The musical genres of the artists with whom we have worked are diverse; ranging from rock, pop, ska, and hip hop to folk, Americana, and music for children.

In 2009, Mix Magazine selected Rocking Horse Studio for inclusion in its annual "Class Of" feature, which showcases the best new recording facilities from around the world to open in the previous 12 months. In 2012, Rocking Horse Studio received a "Best of NH" award for "Best Recording Studio" from New Hampshire Magazine.

Rocking Horse Studio is proud to include many of the finest musicians in New England in its talented pool of session musicians. In addition to recording with artists in the studio, our team of musicians frequently perform live at Rocking Horse Studio-branded events throughout New England.

Our Musicians Include:

Eric Wagley: drums
George Laliotis: drums
Joey Pierog: bass, vocals, arranging, programming
Brian Coombes: keyboards, bass, vocals, programming
Rick Black: keyboards
Myron Kibbee: guitar
Matt Jensen: guitar
Patrik Gochez: guitar, vocals
Michelle Coombes: vocals
Hannah Michaud: vocals
Richard Gardzina: woodwinds
Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki: fiddle

Studio Design:

The studio was designed by renowned studio designer Michael Blackmer and built from the ground up by Brian Coombes and David Pierog.

The large Live Room (28' x 26' with 20' cathedral ceilings) is ideal from tracking drums, horns, strings, choral groups, and piano, and has been called "the best drum room in New England."

Iso Room 1 (16' x 12' x 12') is dry with a bit of character, ideal for vocals, acoustic guitar, jazz drums, and voiceovers.

Our Editing Loft/Control Room B (22' x 14' x 8') doubles as a second isolation room, and is perfect for programming, editing, and songwriting.

Additional Studio Features:

- Equi-tech Balanced Power system with hospital-grade isolated ground electric cabling

- Mogami audio cabling

- Temperature and Humidity control

- Wifi/high speed Internet access